Ways in which you can Train your Cat

You may be worried about how you can train your cat to adopt well. You can rely on the best dog shock collar to train your cat. The following is how you can train the cat.

The first training should be to train the cat to shake hands. You should bow down to the level of the cat for you to initiate a hand shake with the cat. You should be using a treat and a clicker to tap the paw of the cat and ask them to shake your hand. You can use the clicker when the paw is moved. You can do this repeatedly until the cat can recognize the voice. If you obtain one of the best dog shock collars, you will be able to undertake the training with a lot of easiness. Mouth commands may as well be used to train dogs and cats as well. You can make a certain sound whenever you are feeding the cat as more often as possible. Over time, they will be able to respond to that command seamlessly.

Best dog Shock collars can be employed to ensure that your cat doesn’t disappear as you walk around with it. You need to train the cat to sit on command. If you have ever trained a dog to sit, then you can easily train a cat to do it as well. The cat will automatically sit once you hold the treat above its head because it will be looking upwards while seated. You can then reinforce it using the clicker and treat or a good kitty to maintain the cat in that position. You might as well want to teach your cat to use leashes just like dogs do. This is the best assurance you got that that your cat will not disappear while you take it for a small walk. That particular harness requires to be placed on the back of the cat and not on its neck. The harness should then be left on the cat’s back for as long as the cat will feel comfortable with it. Once you are done with this, you can then attach the leash together with the best dog shock collar.

Begging is yet another trait you can train your cat to do. You will notice that this trick is more or less the same as that of shaking hands. Your cat is supposed to stand on its back limbs because you are holding the treat slightly above its head. You can then keep saying beg as the cat tries to reach the treat, and the cat will learn to do it on command. Provided you have the right dog shock collar to use, there are several tricks you can train your cat on.